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A6 - Welfare Measurement
Thursday, June 10 - First day of the conference
Konferenzraum U
Parallel Sessions A 11:00 – 13:00
Chair: Björn Gustafsson
A61 Population Trends and Household Welfare in Australia: A Stochastic Dominance Approach to Analysis
Rebecca Valenzuela*, Hooi-Hooi Lean
A62 Back to GDP: What is the Value-Added of Potential New Components of Welfare Measurement?
Christoph Schmidt, Sonja Kassenboehmer*
A63 The consequences of own and spousal disability on labor market outcomes and subjective well-being: Evidence from Germany
Nils Braakmann
A64 If Seebohm Rowntree had Studied Sweden – How Poverty Changed in the City of Göteborg from 1925 to 2003
Bjorn Gustafsson*, Birgitta Jansson