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D6 - Returns to Education
Friday, June 11 - Second day of the conference
Konferenzraum S
Parallel Sessions D 9:00 – 11:00
Chair: Anders Stenberg
D61 High and steady or low and rising? Vocational versus general education in life-cycle earnings
Frank Cörvers, Hans Heijke, Ben Kriechel, Harald Pfeifer*
D62 Do Employers Know Their Employees' Education?
Francesco Avvisati
D63 Nonparametric Bounds on Returns to Schooling: Overcoming Ability and Selection Bias
Juergen Meinecke*, Martine Mariotti
D64 Formal Education for Participants Above 40; Are there Really Positive Returns?
Anders Stenberg*, Olle Westerlund, Xavier de Luna