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Poster session
Friday, June 11 - Second day of the conference, 12:30 – 14:00
P1 Does gender matter for academic promotion? Evidence from a randomized natural experiment
Natalia Zinovyeva*, Manuel Bagues
P2 Spillovers of Health Education at School on Parents' Health Lifestyles
Lucila Berniell, Dolores de la Mata*, Nieves Valdés
P3 You Can't Be Happier than Your Wife: Happiness Gaps and Divorce
Cahit Guven, Claudia Senik, Holger Stichnoth*
P4 Ethnic School Segregation and Second Generation Immigrants’ Human Capital
Martin Nordin
P5 Effects of placements in outside home care on children’s health and education
Signe Frederiksen
P6 Who has realistic income expectations: students or workers?
John Jerrim
P7 Do Couples Bargain over Fertility? New Evidence Based on Child Preference Data
Timo Hener
P8 The effect of school choice on pupil test scores: Evidence from Dutch reform data
Monique De Haan*, Edwin Leuven, Hessel Oosterbeek
P9 The Relationship between Education and Smoking: Evidence from a Life-Cycle Model
Kevin Thom, Steffen Reinhold*
P10 The consequences of being different - Statistical discrimination and the school-to-work transition
Barbara Mueller*, Stefan C. Wolter
P11 Going the Gambler's Way - The Role of Individual Risk Attitudes in Occupational Choice
Ingo Isphording
P12 Ethnic Heterogeneity and Inequality in the Spanish Labour Market
Catia Nicodemo
P13 Birthweight of children born into households enrolled in conditional cash transfer programs: The case of Mexico's PROGRESA-Oportunidades.
Artemisa Flores Martinez
P14 The welfare use of immigrants and natives in Germany
Christoph Wunder*, Monika Sander, Regina Riphahn
P15 Children’s lifestyle and parents’ employment
Jane Greve*, Jens Bonke
P16 Thrifty wives and lavish husbands? - Bargaining power and financial decisions in Germany
Matthias Keese
P17 Immigrants-Natives complementarities in production: evidence from Italy
Agnese Romiti
P18 Too Much or Too Little Immigration? Evidence From the Non-Tradable Services Sector
Viki Nellas*, Elisabetta Olivieri
P19 Fighting Youth Unemployment: The Effects of Active Labor Market Policies
Marco Caliendo, Steffen Kuenn*, Ricarda Schmidl
P20 Are employees at risk of layoff mentally more ill? The causal impact of fear of unemployment on psychological health
Arndt Reichert, Harald Tauchmann*
P21 Do tropical typhoons smash community ties? Theory and Evidence from Vietnam
Yanos Zylberberg
P22 The Implications of Changing Employment Protection: Evaluating the 1999 UK Unfair Dismissal Reform
Veronica Toffolutti
P23 The Effect of Divorce Laws on Fertility
Miriam Marcén, Héctor Bellido*
P24 Inequality of Opportunity for Education: The case of Turkey
Jérémie Gignoux*, Francisco Ferreira
P25 Potential benefit duration in multi-spell unemployment
Jan C. Van Ours, Sander Tuit*