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E2 - Intergenerational Mobility
Friday, June 11 - Second day of the conference
Konferenzraum M
Parallel Sessions E 15:30 – 17:30
Chair: Miles Corak
E21 The rise and fall of intergenerational earnings mobility in France over the last half century
Arnaud Lefranc
E22 Defining Circumstances: Francs or Ranks, Does it Matter?
Arnaud Lefranc, Nicolas Pistolesi*, Alain Trannoy
E23 Estimates of Intergenerational Elasticities Based on Lifetime Earnings
Oivind A Nilsen, Kjell Vaage, Arild Aakvik*, Karl Jacobsen
E24 Intergenerational earnings mobility and the inheritance of employers
Miles Corak*, Patrizio Piraino