Ethnic Heterogeneity and Inequality in the Spanish Labour Market

Catia Nicodemo
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the heterogeneity that immigrants have in the Spanish labour market. Immigrants in Spain come from a diversity of continents (Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, etc.), and there are substantial differences in characteristics not only among continents but also among countries in each continent. Using a quantile regression method of decomposition we estimate how this heterogeneity is reflected in the labour market and in particular is mirrored in the wage, so some immigrants are more discriminated or segregated that others because they have less advantage. For example Argentineans and Peruvians have the same culture and language but we can find differences in the wage that they receive in the Spanish labor market, or for example Moroccans, that have a advantage with respect to the Rest of Africans, due to the geographical proximity to Spain. When we study the pay gap or the gender pay gap we need to take into consideration this heterogeneity and its effect in the labour market.

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